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Retirement Planning

Build Your Wealth
Retirement Planning

Build your wealth and be able to retire comfortably
Attend a Clime Super information seminar

Clime Super can build wealth with quality insights from industry professionals and market leaders. Do you want to build your wealth and be able to retire comfortably?

Insights by Clime Super to potentially help you build your wealth may include:

  • Setting up a self managed super fund (SMSF)
  • minimising tax through various approaches such as co-contributions and salary sacrificing
  • investing strategies such as direct shares, investment funds, listed investment
  • companies (LICs), and property.

Build Your Wealth – Attend a Clime Super Information Evening

How can I build my wealth?

At Clime Super we have information events and seminars where you can meet with us to discuss your retirement plans. We offer insights based on market trends and our years of experience in the marketplace. Why not come along and see if your risk-return strategy and ethos aligns with ours.

Key elements that you may like to consider include:

  • the income that comes from all sources - investment returns, salary, rental incomes
  • current tax situation including potential salary packaging options
  • your liabilities and assets
  • do you have any dependants, if any?
  • What is the state of your superannuation.

Build your wealth today – come along to one of Clime Asset Management’s SMSF workshops and see if our investing strategies and approaches align with yours.

Retirement Planning - Management & Admin Services

Retirement Planning with a SMSF Management or Admin Service

In Australia there are three main types of super funds that you can choose from:

Industry funds: these were originally set up for an industry (such as the public sector) or profession (lawyers, for instance) however now are available and accessible to the general public. They are not-for-profit firms that are run to benefit members.

Retail Funds: these are run by large financial companies and are run for the benefit of shareholders.

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF’s): With an SMSF, you control your own investments personally, instead of being part of a joint fund. The advantages of a SMSF are many:

  • Increased investment opportunities
  • You may choose to link to your family assets
  • You can take full advantage of franking credits which could potentially lower your taxes.

Plan to Retire Comfortably | Sydney

Have a Plan to Retire Comfortably in Sydney

Currently, there is now around $1.5 trillion AUD in SMSFs throughout Australia. With over 500,000 SMSFs nation-wide, this has led to retail funds to offer hybrid solutions or wraps where you own the underlying investments while the fund holds trusteeship. If you look at this option then please be sure to check the underlying costs as some can be hefty.

Wealth Building Strategies & Insights by Clime Super

Plan for your future with wealth building strategies & insights

Clime Super can help with the management and admin of your personal SMSF with our Clime Super administration service. We can also assist you with our SMSF Setup or Restructure offer, when you establish a Discrete Share Portfolio with Clime Super

Clime Asset Management chooses to invest in what we consider value Australian companies. These companies have real estate investments combined with value interests abroad. We believe that by investing on the ASX you can have exposure to all asset classes.

Clime Super does not invest in just any ASX listed company, and certainly not in the index. Through careful consideration of stock picking, the Clime Super and Clime Asset Management teams have been able to achieve superior results for investors, most of who invest with us in a self managed super fund (SMSF).

Find out if our investing strategy aligns with yours. Head over to our SMSF information evenings events page and register for a Clime Super event in your area.

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